Bayberry House's New Website

As we are sure you've noticed, Bayberry House has had an electronic facelift!  We have commissioned a new website, hopefully making it easier for our guests and prospective guests to access information about the bed and breakfast.  The biggest change, however, is that we have added the capacity for you to check availability and make reservations online.  Over the past summer, we had several guests suggest we offer online reservations as they felt it would make the booking process much faster and easier.  If you are a person, however, who would still rather call or email to make a reservation, no problem at all!  You are most welcome to contact us directly to discuss your booking needs.

Even though we really love the new website we brought online January 23rd, we are still having a few teething problems with it.  We ask that you be patient as our web designer is working overtime to make certain all the glitches are fixed.  Remember, you can always contact us at (207) 633-7106 or toll free (866) 664-7106 for information or to make a reservation.  Thanks for understanding!


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