Another Great Evening at Boothbay Harbor's Opera House - The April Verch Band

Karine and I had the pleasure of attending the January 10th performance of the April Verch Band at Boothbay Harbor's Opera House.  The show was absolutely fantastic, as April, Cody, and Hayes performed a variety of covers and original tunes that had the audience clapping their hands, tapping their feet and, in the case of one little girl, dancing in the aisles!  April's step dancing was amazing and the harmonies produced by the three band members were absolutely beautiful.  Boothbay Harbor is so fortunate to have such a unique venue in town and the quality and the variety of acts that perform there throughout the year are certain to provide something for everyone.  The accoustics are very good and, regardless of where you are seated in the building, you feel like you are right next to the performers.  What a great way to see your favorite artists!  The best part for us is the Opera House is only about 500 feet from Bayberry House!  If you are coming to Boothbay Harbor, be sure to check the upcoming events at www.boothbayoperahouse.com.  We hope you have as great a time as we listening/watching April and her band!


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